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Shortening the sensor-to-shooter cycle

The digitization of the battlefield plays a crucial role for the armed forces. The application of the latest technologies to improve the responsiveness of the troops, as well as their flexibility and interoperability. The interaction of radio communication, optronic information and unmanned vehicles are central to the generation of information superiority for their own forces.


E-LynX ™ is readily available and extremely robust networks in various military scenarios. The system offers as part of its MANET capability quick connection of reconnaissance, command and effect. Furthermore, e-Lynx has integrated Blue Force tracking and can transmit voice, data and video simultaneously.

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Family E-LynX ™ is a modern SDR radio family for tactical missions. With trend-setting skills, such as multi-band capability (30 MHz – 2.0 GHz) and broadband waveforms already fulfilled the e-LynX ™ family now future requirements and can also be used for aircraft.

The use of the “Concurrent Flooding Technology” increases the effective range, as well as the agility and resilience of the system components through multi-hop method. Its advanced network architecture allows the user a variety of e-LynX ™ devices in a mobile ad hoc network to connect.

The components form automatic networks, decentralized which, self-healing, regardless of GPS and without master station operate without is created for the user is an additional expense.


Continuous education in all operational scenarios also includes the use of different unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for the production of images and video with one. The range of applications of the UAV includes multispectral optronic, cyber and acoustic monitoring.

At an altitude from 100 m Skylark I-LEX has no perceptible acoustic signature. Furthermore, the UAV has an integrated laser target designator and radar sensors. The UAV communications through the e-LynX ™ family can be transferred to subsidiary bodies and shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle sustainable.

The Starrflüglerdrohne Skylark I-LEX is a world already more than 30 different military users in use. The launch of the UAV is possible by just one person. Your intuitive man-machine interface makes it an ideal solution for a variety of military applications. Here, the UAV has a range of up to 100 km at a service life up to 3 hours and ends during the reconnaissance results in real time to the operator.


The RAPTOR is a portable control unit with touch display, which was developed as a tactical solution for dismounted soldiers. The system enables the soldiers to a more rapid assessment of the situation by mapping the situation with the help of tactical symbols. RAPTOR combines intuitive operation, communication and data processing in real time in a single device. The inclusion in the Torc²h ™ Battle Management System (BMS) enables the user using the C4I capabilities to assess a current operational situational awareness, live target and mission data to send and receive messages. During all phases of the deployment, including planning, training, implementation and debriefing an effective data management is thus possible.

Raptor (r.) And the tactical SmartWatch “SmartView” (l.) Are fully compatible with the Personal Network Radio E-Lynx ™ family. Control of the systems is designed intuitively by their Android-based user interface. The display of tactical data, even with the help of augmented reality and the compatibility with Elbit Systems Deutschland communication solutions make RAPTOR and SmartView groundbreaking for the requirements of the digital battlefield.

Use the Dutch armed forces, the E-Lynx ™ PNR 1000 handheld radio together in conjunction with the tactical control unit Raptor under the “Verbeterd Operationeel Soldaat Systeem” (VOSS).

ability to act

The use of night and thermal vision equipment also plays an important role for future infantry operations. Family convince the thermal imaging target devices of “XACT th” by its multi-functionality and interoperability with the Raptor and e-Lynx ™ solutions. The back stood enabled devices provide superior image quality in day, night and adverse weather conditions.

The thermal imaging target device XACT th64 can be used hand-held or mounted on a weapon. By sealless calibration uninterrupted image transmission is guaranteed. Using the built-in SD memory card photos can be recorded and then to Raptor, and the Tor²ch ™ BMS are transferred.

The night vision systems XACT NV33 (binocular) and NV32 (monocular) Elbit Systems Deutschland convince with their low weight, their high performance and ergonomics. The XACT NV33 is in cross-section due to their efficiency and low weight and coverage can be used in the armed forces. The night vision goggles is suitable for driving vehicles on land, on sea and in the air. In addition, the XACT can be used for the NV33 parachute deployment and maritime operations.

The integrated IR illuminator both systems ensure our ability of the user even in complete darkness.

Sensor-to-Shooter Cycle

The system network products TELEFUNKEN RACOMS are the solution to the challenges of the digital battlefield. Reaction times are reduced, information superiority created by cross-system networking and the sensor-to-shooter cycle is faster and more efficient closed.