Elbit Systems Deutschland


Night Vision Systems.

Night operations, especially against technically well-equipped enemies, are the focus of worldwide tactical operations and are made possible by modern night vision technology. Especially in this scenario, the requirements go far beyond just “seeing” at night. With the “night vision goggles XACT nv33” and the “night vision monocular XACT nv32” Elbit Systems Deutschland owns a new and light generation of night vision devices.

Bino- and monocular image intensifier systems for tactical operations.


XACT nv32.

The “XACT-nv32” is the most compact monocular night vision system for specialized forces. The system offers high resolution and best image quality under adverse environmental conditions.

  • The XACT nv32 can also be used as a night aiming device. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for mounting on almost all common scopes.
Technical details
  • 180g weight
  • 48h battery life
  • Monocular and binocular usable
  • IR illuminator

XACT nv33.

With the “XACT nv33” you have the most compact binocular night vision system. It is the market leader in terms of performance to size ratio.

  • The XACT nv33 can be used in the armed forces on a cross-sectional and area-wide basis. The night vision goggles are certified for driving vehicles. In addition, the goggles are suitable for parachute jumping operations and can also be used for maritime operations due to the diving depth of up to 25 metres. With the integrated IR illuminator, XACT nv33 maintains the user’s ability to act even in complete darkness.
Technical details
  • < 460g weight
  • > 20h battery life
  • IR illuminator
  • Expandable with data display and thermal image fusion