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Cyber Defence.

Elbit Systems Deutschland offers individual and integrated solutions in the field of cyber defence. With the support of our highly qualified employees we invest in continuous research and development. Our solutions are part of the cyber security concept of many government agencies worldwide. We combine pioneering strategies with adequate infrastructure for the detection, analysis and defence of cyberattacks.

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To stay ahead of the dynamic challenges for Cyber Defence and Security, we offer you long-term partnerships.


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Therefore we do not only sell single products but individual complete solutions.



Plattform & Training.


Our claim – to recognize and develop today the needs of tomorrow.



Inhouse Developement.

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Our team of Cyber Defence experts will support you in the analysis and implementation of your individual solution.


High security standards.

Future-proof cyber-resilience

New threats to the military, police and businesses are emerging from the cyber and information arena. Today’s security systems often no longer create a challenge for cyber attacks. Our solutions provide the operational framework and associated technologies and services for implementing and managing a secure cyber strategy for the future. Elbit Systems Deutschland offers modular systems to strengthen cyber-resilience. They include Security Operations Center, Endpoint Detection and Response as well as SCADA Shields and a training platform for defense against cyber attacks up to the protection of military networks.

Our approach

A trouble-free flow of information between headquarters and branch offices is essential. Cyber attacks are often widely scattered and target several different sites simultaneously. In these situations, managers need transparency for all areas of their agency.

We offer centralized security operations management for this purpose. It helps managers to better assess the situation within the organization. If required, it offers a simplified way to centrally manage a security crisis.

Completely avoiding cyber attacks is no longer an effective strategy. Security breaches by attackers are often not discovered until months later. Our Cyber Defence System is constantly expanding its range of services to quickly detect attacks and protect networks. Our system is capable of investigating, finding the cause, optimizing reactions and defending against attacks from the cyberspace.

Our integrated solution is based on a number of in-house cyber technologies. They include detection, security automation and response management for safety-critical infrastructure. Unlike most approaches that involve multiple suppliers, our technologies are highly integrated. Our solution can be easily customized to meet customer needs, such as optimizing attack detection and implementing custom response playbooks.

By providing comprehensive training for your teams and providing tools and expertise to manage and customize your solution, you can independently customize your system and integrate other internal procedures.

Cyber Intelligence for Agencies.

For government agencies, we offer a new and world-leading cyber-intelligence-system that saves resources and significantly reduces investigation time. Information about this is only available on request.