Elbit Systems Deutschland


Active Protection Systems.

Elbit Systems Deutschland offers an extensive range of highly developed warning systems for vehicles. With precise warnings tailored to the specific requirements of the operating personnel, the systems enable an effective and timely response to laser and radar-based threats. The warning systems provide 360-degree threat coverage and can be integrated with a wide range of countermeasures. Innovative high-speed processing and communication capabilities combined with electro-optical operation ensure accurate and reliable protection. Furthermore, the systems are immune to false alarms caused by reflections, lightning, gunfire, as well as autonomous RF and electro-optical operations. The warning systems are field-tested and are used by numerous armed forces worldwide (NATO and others).

Warning systems for wheeled and tracked vehicles.


Iron Fist.

Active Protection Systems against Anti-Tank threats. The Active Protection Systems of the Iron Fist series provide powerful protection from Anti-Tank weapons and improve the survivability of vehicle platforms and their crew. The system includes individual configurations for light and heavy armored vehicles. Iron Fist offers autonomous sensor-based detection, identification, classification and reaction to hostile threats without injuring the crew or damaging the vehicle in the process. Iron Fist uses a reactive system to neutralize incoming projectiles.

  • Effective against all types of Anti-Tank threats
  • Enables operation with an opened hatch
  • Light and compact system
  • Easy integration – quick installation and removal
Technical details
  • Two independent scanning methods: Radar and passive IR
  • 360°-Coverage
  • Optional Softkill-Jammer against ATGMs
  • High energy-efficiency