Elbit Systems Deutschland


Radar systems.

Effective target surveillance on the battlefield requires powerful radar systems that can provide real-time reconnaissance under all operating conditions.
The compact radar systems from Elbit Systems Deutschland for military and perimeter protection applications meet these requirements. They can be used to reliably detect and classify objects.

Versatile radar solutions for military use.


The Adaptive Multisensor-System “ADAMS” combines the output of multiple different sensors into an easy to use interface. The system can be operated locally or remotely. With its individual configuration possibilities, ADAMS achieves the best possible reconnaissance results in a wide variety of military and perimeter protection scenarios.

  • Radar, camera and thermal imaging sensor connected together
  • Additional input sources possible, such as audio and seismic sensors

PGSR-3i „Beagle“.

The PGSR-3i “Beagle” is an FMCW-radar (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) for automatic detection and classification of targets moving on or close to the ground within short to medium range. Its light weight allows for quick and easy transportation to the scene of action by two soldiers. A radome protects the radar from damage caused by environmental influences such as dust, sand and bird droppings. On the other hand, the current detection direction of the radar is concealed.

  • 360° surveillance
  • Integrated GPS
  • Low transmission power: < 4 W
  • Up to 25 km of range
  • Artillery mode
  • Automatic classification of ground targets
  • Audio classification
  • Total weight incl. accessories: 50 kg, packed into two backpacks à 25 kg each
  • MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 compliant


The MBR-2D is a medium-range non-rotating ground surveillance radar which can detect and classify both ground and air targets.

  • 360° surveillance with four antennas possible
  • Transmission power: < 10 W
  • Up to 24 km of range
  • Automatic classification of ground and air targets
  • Total weight with one antenna incl. accessories: 50 kg
  • MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 compliant


The MBR-3D is a next generation ground and air surveillance radar. It is capable of detecting and classifying small air targets up to large ground targets.

  • Detection and classification of air targets such as small drones or UAVs
  • Low Probability of Interception
  • C4I and EO integration ready