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Increased Reconnaissance and Operational Capabilities for NATO Forces at Night

The conduct of military operations in urban, forested and arctic areas at any time of day or night is an essential requirement for today’s armed forces. Superior responsiveness, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance is made possible by the use of the latest night vision technology. For current and future scenarios, the requirements go far beyond mere “seeing” in the dark. Remote and vehicle-supported target reconnaissance and identification are just as important as high-precision targeting and three-dimensional perception.

Elbit Systems Deutschland lays the foundation for a lightweight and extremely robust generation of night vision devices with the XACT nv33 image intensifier goggles. The system is characterized by its compact dimensions, easy handling and high performance.

The XACT nv33 is certified for vehicle control as well as parachute jumps as well as a diving depth of 25 meters and can therefore be used by all units and branches of the armed forces.

The XACT systems (XACT nv33 binocular and XACT nv32 monocular) are field-tested and proven systems that are already in service with armed forces, special forces and police units worldwide.

The night vision goggles XACT nv33 in service with German airborne infantry. There, the goggles impress with their ergonomic handling, high wearing comfort and outstanding image quality. (Photo: Elbit Systems Deutschland)

More than 10,000 systems are in use with various NATO partners and police forces.

The employment of the most advanced image intensifier tubes with a diameter of 16 millimetres enables a compact and extremely lightweight design with high-contrast and high-intensity imaging. The hardened housing gives the XACT nv33 an extremely robust design. Due to the superior thermal characteristics of the metal housing compared to plastic housings, the night vision system is suitable for all climate zones.

Integrated software also supports preventive maintenance of the system. A position sensor allows the night vision goggles to be deactivated when the goggles are flipped upwards on the helmet mount.

For infantry operations in urban terrain, the XACT nv33 is the preferred night vision goggles for the German armed forces. Thanks to an integrated overexposure protection, the night vision goggles can also be worn in brighter surroundings without dazzling the operator.

With a weight of less than 500 grams, the night vision goggles have a considerable influence on the wearing comfort and allow the user a longer and painless period of use. The XACT nv33 can be used either as a binocular or monocular device due to the independently movable vision elements. This modularity provides advantages especially in urban scenarios with diffuse lighting conditions. The integrated IR illuminator means that the XACT nv33 retains the user’s ability to act even in complete darkness. An intuitive helmet mount allows the system to be attached to all common combat helmets and headgear masks. The low overall height of the helmet reduces the risk of injury to the user’s head and neck.

Elbit Systems Deutschland offers with the XACT nv33 a modular and groundbreaking night vision device for cross-sectional deployment including the ability to meet future requirements.

The night vision goggles are manufactured in Germany by Elbit Systems Deutschland.

The XACT nv33 image intensifier goggles are currently the most powerful binocular goggles available on the market in this size category and help NATO partners to increase their reconnaissance and operational capabilities at night.