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Coordinated mission packages for successful helicopter missions

SPECTRO™ XR kann dank seines geringen Gewichts und der kleinen Maße auch an leichten Plattformen wie dem LUH, Drohnen oder einmotorigen Flächenflugzeugen genutzt werden. Dabei entsprechen die Aufklärungsqualität und –reichweiten derer großer Sensoren.

Helicopters are an important but rare commodity on the battlefield, and often also a multiplier. Whether combat helicopters for close air support, means of transport for special forces or as medical evacuation for the wounded. Like drones, helicopters are just a flying platform. They only gain their significance through the mission packages and payloads, such as agents and sensors. Elbit Systems Germany therefore offers comprehensive solutions for helicopters and other manned and unmanned flying platforms. From secure communication, through sensors for reconnaissance and situation imaging, to optical systems for the pilots.

The Bundeswehr has introduced the Airbus H145M Light Utility Helicopter Special Operation Forces (LUH SOF) for the special forces. The next major procurement is pending with the heavy transport helicopter (STH). In addition, there is the planning for the LUH armed forces. The air force and navy want to use the latter as a pure training helicopter, while the German Army also wants to complement the Tiger combat helicopter in the roles of reconnaissance and light close air support. Especially for these smaller platforms, sensors are required which, despite their small size and weight, provide the pilot with maximum information.

Our sensor system is such an all-rounder SPECTRO XR. This EO payload combines a day, midwave infrared (MWIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) channel in a gimbal. When the merged Display, all channels are superimposed. So nothing can escape the observer of the situation report. Thanks to the merging of the three channels, an overall image is generated that offers more information than the sum of the three individual images. The crew sees more and, above all, faster what is happening around them. SPECTRO ™ can be fully integrated but also used as a payload on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, drones or ships. The system weight is 54 kg with very compact dimensions.

Elbit Systems Germany Managing Director Thomas Vorteilel: “We offer a 20” payload in a 15 “housing, for all operational requirements as well as extreme reconnaissance ranges. Therefore, this sensor is a great added value, especially for the LUH’s! “

In addition to the education channels, this offers SPECTRO XRan automatic video tracker with video processing. A media server (DVR), geo-server, moving map and GPS / GLONASS / Galileo are an integral part. In addition to the laser rangefinder, a laser illuminator and a laser designator are optionally available. In this way, targets can be illuminated or geo-referenced transmitted to effectors. Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) technology, targets, positions of enemy or even your own forces can be represented graphically. Usually it is a matter of superimposing visible reality with visual computer-generated information and objects. The emergency services are quickly provided with an improved and precisely tailored situation assessment.

Comprehensive assessment of the situation at night

At the Brightnite ™-Sensor is a unique night vision solution that projects a fused image of the outside world in front of the pilot’s eye. Brightnite ™ is a rigid sensor that combines multispectral uncooled Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and CMOS sensors to turn night into day. The pilot is offered a panoramic real-time view (200 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical) and projected directly into the helmet or the head-up display (HUD) in front of his eye. The fusion image (FLIR / CMOS) is enriched with important aeronautical and tactical information with the help of AR technology.

Flight routes, goals, positions or even your own forces are represented graphically by color-conforming 3D mission symbols. The cognitive load on the crew is minimized and they can fully focus on their task.

Brightnite ™ turns night into day. The pilot receives a panoramic view with a merged image and all important tactical information. The pilot receives all of this information directly on his helmet display.
Brightnite ™ can be integrated with military and civil aircraft.

Despite extreme weather conditions, harsh environments and complete darkness: the pilot has all the important information at a glance and always knows where he is and what to do next. Today’s standard is flights with night vision goggles. Brightnite ™ can do more – and can be combined with them: As soon as the crew member leaves the field of vision of the sensor, the system immediately switches to night vision goggles. The sensor doesn’t just turn night into day. The system delivers all relevant information directly into the crew’s field of vision. Perfectly tailored to the mission and needs of the pilots. The night vision goggles XACT nv33 and nv36 from Elbit Systems Germany are suitable for use on aircraft.

In addition to night vision goggles, other sensors such as missile warning systems can be integrated. In addition, Brightnite ™ can remedy the loss of vision in so-called brownout or whiteout situations.Neben Nachtsichtbrillen können weitere Sensoren wie Raketenwarnsysteme integriert werden. Darüber hinaus kann Brightnite™ den Sichtverlust bei den sogenannten Brownout oder Whiteout-Situationen beheben.

Sensor and pilot form a unit

A complete vision system for pilots is ours X-Sight ™ Helmet. It offers an extra large binocular high-resolution color display for all relevant information on its integrated helmet-mounted display (HMD).

X-Sight ™ combines the active sensor data with tactical flight and mission data – supported by AR – and creates an intuitive overall picture from 3D symbology and Synthetic Vision Symbology (SVS), which are superimposed on the visual sensor images. When supported by the helicopter’s sensors, X-Sight ™ can also offer cockpit functionality that gives the pilot a 360-degree view without visual obstacles. X-Sight ™ therefore works optimally with sensors such as the Brightnite ™, SPECTRO XR ™ and our night vision goggles. Active sensors such as LIDAR, TF / TA radar and obstacle warning systems can also be integrated.

Our X-Sight ™ can be combined with almost all standard pilot helmets and provides pilots with all the information they need to complete a mission. The X-Sight ™ combines terrain, flight and tactical information in one broadband image. The pilot receives everything, optimized for the mission, projected directly in front of his eye.

Consistent communication solutions

Helicopters don’t act alone on the battlefield. They depend on cooperation with other aircraft, unmanned systems or ground forces. Consistent, hardened and protected communication is therefore of particular importance. With the E-LynX Airborne and HRA 9100 Airborne radios, Elbit Systems Germany offers two field-tested solutions.

The E-LynX Airborne offers three powerful radio channels at the same time. As part of the E-LynX family of radios, it networks the aircraft with one another and ensures full compatibility with ground forces such as infantry, Joint Attack Terminal Controllers or special forces. The E-LynX Airborne enables broadband and narrowband waveforms to be transmitted simultaneously with full MANET capabilities and supports porting of other third-party waveforms. Voice, data and videos / images are transmitted at high data rates.

The HRA 9100 is an HF radio system for airborne applications. It transmits voice and data between different aircraft or between air and ground and naval units. It contains the THE (Tactical HF Enabler) waveform and offers> 8000 bps user data rate with only 3kHz bandwidth, and automatically selects the best frequency for the transmission. The HRA 9100 uses the same waveforms as the entire HRM9000 family and, thanks to plug and play, is interoperable with the HRA 5100. The latter is already used in the Tiger, NH90 and CH-53 combat helicopters.

Our range is supplemented by multispectral self-protection solutions. These include electronic warfare (EloKa) and electronic countermeasures (ECM). Our reconnaissance portfolio includes SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT and direction finding systems.

Elbit Systems Germany offers coordinated mission packages for helicopters. From active sensors and means of communication to HMD or night vision goggles for pilots.

Our customers can rely on stringent solutions from a single source when it comes to their mission success!