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XACT nv3X – Night vision capability for German and Belgium armed forces

Modern armed forces must be able to cope with their missions in different environments. In the context of the current operations of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Mali and the Horn of Africa, the need for day and night operational capability in different capability domains is becoming clear. In desert areas, urban terrain, for maritime operations, or even forested terrain, the ability to act and night combat capability of NATO forces must be guaranteed.

Due to the shift in threat scenarios away from asymmetric to regular conflicts, potential adversaries can be technologically well equipped and possess advanced electro-optronics.

Despite past procurement projects, the Bundeswehr does not yet have sufficient cross-sectional night vision capability. The lack of action and combat capability at night has been a frequently criticized capability gap for various NATO troops for many years. Furthermore, not all systems introduced meet the required quality standards of the troops. Older systems and systems still in use show a lack of three-dimensional vision and insufficient ergonomics.

Other NATO partners are currently facing the same challenges. The Belgian armed forces currently have US and European systems, some of which have been in use for many years.

For infantry operations in urban terrain, the XACT nv33 is the preferred night vision goggles of the German forces. Based on the XACT nv33 – the XACT nv3X will be adapted to the needs of modern armed forces by adding additional sensors and functions. Thanks to the overlight protection, the user can wear the night vision goggles in brighter surroundings without being dazzled.

Essential for the German and Belgian forces is a superior response capability, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance through modern night vision technology. The XACT nv3X night vision system extends pure night vision with capabilities such as reconnaissance, identification and three-dimensional impact. These capabilities are indispensable not only for dismounted operations, but also for the safe guidance of land, water and air vehicles. The XACT nv3X binocular night vision goggles can set the standard for modern night vision technology in the German armed forces. 

The XACT nv3X has been continuously adapted to the new requirements of NATO partners. The system can be mounted on all common battle helmets or used handheld. Intuitive operation is easily possible even with gloves on thanks to a central control unit. The XACT nv3X can be used binocularly or monocularly due to the independently movable viewing elements. By deactivating the tubes when folded down, illumination of the user’s face is prevented.
The light and compact system is suitable for parachute jumps and driving vehicles. Due to a possible diving depth of 25 m the night vision goggles can also be used for maritime operations. By using the latest image intensifier tubes a very compact design with bright and high-contrast imaging is possible. The low signature significantly reduces the risk of injury to the user’s neck and head. Its metal housing makes the XACT nv3X particularly robust and resistant to environmental influences and thermal fluctuations. With a weight of less than 500 grams, the system can be worn painlessly for long periods of time. A seamlessly adjustable IR illuminator integrated in the housing maintains the user’s ability to act even in complete darkness. For example, narrow rooms can be illuminated with the IR illuminator, or a light beam can be generated for target marking. The brightness of the image can also be adjusted individually by a stepless control.

The partner system of the XACT nv3X, the XACT nv33, has been setting the standard for modern night vision capability for the German Armed Forces, the Federal Police, the SEK and the army of Louxmburg for several years.  The positive feedback from the troops has already resulted in several successful procurements of the XACT nv33. The XACT nv3X is based on proven high performance and user-friendliness combined with the best ergonomics.

We offer the night vision system together with our Belgian partner OIP Sensor Systems. A well-established company with more than 50 years of experience in military electro-optics. The consortium guarantees optimal support for the German customer in Germany as well as the Belgian armed forces in Belgium. Production, training as well as maintenance and repair of the devices are carried out in the respective national language together with a local partner.

Elbit Systems Germany offers with the XACT nv3X a modular and groundbreaking night vision system for cross-sectional use including coverage of future requirements. 

The XACT night vision systems for the German Federal Armed Forces are made in Germany and are developed together with our Belgian group sister.