Elbit Systems Deutschland



The digitalization of the battlefield plays an increasing role for armed forces. The application of new technologies is intended to improve the troops’ situational awareness, as well as their flexibility and interoperability. Within the system network, the products of Elbit Systems Deutschland are the optimal partner for the challenges of the soldier of the future in the most diverse scenarios. Reaction times are sustainably shortened, information superiority is created through cross-system networking and thus the ability to act and survive of both own and allied forces is guaranteed.

Increased situation awareness and command capability for infantry Forces.



The “TORC²H” Battle Management System is an automated, sensor-integrated C4ISR solution for military applications. The cross-platform solution delivers real-time data with automatic distribution based on user hierarchy.

  • Covers all military scenarios
  • Improved situation assessment
  • Complete sensor connection
  • Powerful data synchronization
  • Supported remote forces
  • Maintenance of business continuity
  • Decentralized system architecture without single point of failure


The RAPTOR is a portable control unit with touch display, which was developed as a tactical solution for the dismounted soldier. RAPTOR is a core element of modern soldier systems and enables armed forces to increase their situational awareness by viewing and exchanging tactical situation Information.

  • Display and control unit for the tactical level
  • Simple standalone C4I solution
  • Primary application area together with VHF/UHF handheld radios
  • Compatible with HRM radios
  • Direct system control radio, optronics, radar etc.
  • Position data display
  • Augmented reality data display
  • Location information and maps
  • Marching route planning


“SmartSight” is an add-on to day and night weapon optics that provides the soldier with an augmented reality-based representation of the environment.

  • Integrated GPS
  • Blue force tracking
  • Compass and integrated LRF


“SmarTrack” is a highly reliable surveillance system and data link for the dismounted soldier. SmarTrack is an all-in-one personal blue-force trackig device for adverse environmental conditions and interference-free GPS reception even in urban terrain. With SmarTrack, between 4 and 100 members of a network can be tracked down and displayed on the monitor simultaneously. It is accurate to within 3 meters and has integrated GPS, as well as a self-sufficient tracking function when no GPS signal is available.