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Intelligence 360 – Police work at the next level

For many years, the work of German police forces has been criticized because the heterogeneous IT architecture of individual police forces often delays or even prevents the investigation of offenders and effective manhunts across the borders of different federal states. The reasons for this are segregated data retrieves from different applications, separated solutions and databases that are not comprehensively integrated anywhere.

To get to grips with this problem, the federal interior ministries launched the Saarbruecken Agenda back in 2016, which the Federal Ministry of the Interior implemented a few years later by launching the P2020 initiative with an investment volume of 300 million Euros. This sum is to be used to equip the 16 state police forces, the Federal police, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Customs Police Office and the police at the German Bundestag with a simplified, fully integrated IT solution by 2030 that supports modern administrative and investigative work.

Integrative solution approach

Such a system could be based on the Intelligence 360 (I360) fusion platform, which is offered by Elbit Systems Deutschland. This is a modular, scalable and AI-supported software solution that provides all the tools needed to carry out effective investigative work in compliance with applicable legal requirements. The system allows the administrator to choose which data they want to give each user access to as part of a modern rights management system, so that they can carry out their work as smoothly and efficiently as possible and coordinate with other colleagues, departments and authorities. Thanks to its open architecture, I360 can be tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements and even integrate established customer databases and software solutions. At all times, it remains a user-friendly, clearly laid out system with a sophisticated front end that makes all programming by code superfluous. In addition, the system has an automatic change history that enables constant monitoring and effectively prevents data manipulation.

Perfect customization through modularity

The I360 software can be deployed on prem or on the secured cloud, regardless of location, and thus even supports use in the context of ongoing police work during operation, for example to compare personal details in real time with all available data sources. If required, I360 can be quickly and easily supplemented with additional modules for information procurement and evaluation and linked to any number of databases in order to make previously time-consuming processes faster and therefore more efficient. The basic concept of the platform as a modular solution also guarantees a theoretically infinite service life, as obsolete components can be replaced immediately with up-to-date versions.

Since the beginning of its four-year development period, the I360 platform has been designed to link an unlimited number of data sources (e.g. LI’s, databases, monitoring electronics, social media and more), user groups and query parameters (including risk potential analysis, etc.). This fact offers the user group a fundamental advantage over working with older systems that have emerged from individual solutions. This is another reason why I360 is already being used successfully by police forces around the world.