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Link 22 Operational Management Application (LOMA).

Link 22 allows to operate multiple nets on different frequencies or hop sets, with each net assigned an individual and carefully selected waveform.
Gateway units can pass tactical data between nets through their simultaneous membership in more than one network.
For each net, Link 22 organizes the data traffic by “Time Division Multiple Access” (TDMA) based net cycle structures.

Loma supports the network designer with a structured capture of the network participants and their memberships, roles, attributes and desired data throughput.
Communication parameters are defined for network setup.
LOMA allows both a preview of the net cycle structures inherent in the system and the alternative computation of optimized and, if required, customized net cycle structures.

The full and final set of information describing the entire Link 22 operation can be exported to an Operational Tasking Data Link (OPTASK LINK) message which is read by local Link 22 Data Link Processor applications.