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Link 11/22 Multi Link Terminal MLT 2920.

Concurrent multi link operation

The MLT 2920 incorporates one Link11 modem (data terminal set, DTS) and two Link 22 modems (signal processing controller, SPC) for concurrent and unrestricted multi link operation. The Link11 modem supplies all modem and network control functions required in a TADIL-A / NATO Link 11 system as per MIL-STD-188-203-1A. Modulation types are Conventional Link Eleven Waveform (CLEW) and Single-tone Link Eleven Waveform (SLEW). Each Link 22 modem supplies operation by either HF fixed frequency (HF-FF), or UHF fixed frequency (UHF-FF), or UHF electronic protection measures (UHF-EPM) communication.