Elbit Systems Deutschland


120 years of innovation at Ulm

With his discovery of electromagnetic waves in 1886, German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
founded the age of radio communication. Just 17 years later, the company TELEFUNKEN was founded
on the basis of his findings.

In 2023, exactly 120 years later, the globally renowned traditional company TELEFUNKEN RACOMS
has grown into the German representative office of Israeli defense company Elbit Systems. However,
the expertise in the fields of radio technology and communication has been maintained and further
developed over the years.
During this time, the focus has shifted from pure technology leadership to international compatibility
and interoperability. In 2023, Elbit Systems Deutschland was once again able to provide proof of this
capability, which is indispensable for the command and control of multinational formations, e.g.
within the NATO framework, during extensive interoperability tests in the USA. The HRU 9000 radio
system produced in Germany was the only one to fully convince in this series of tests in one of the
tested disciplines (according to STANAG 4591 − Digital Voice) and achieved 100% interoperability with
all 12 test devices from other international manufacturers.

The HRU 9000 from Elbit Systems Germany was the only device to demonstrate full interoperability in accordance with STANAG 4591 (Digital Voice) during tests at the US Joint Interoperability Test Command.

The manufacturing and maintenance expertise at the Ulm site continues to meet the global demand
for sophisticated solutions for the HF radio of military units. With a positive trend: not only has the
demand for reliable radio technology been increasing continuously for years, but the parent
company’s broad product portfolio is also successfully represented by the German headquarters and
the branches in Berlin and Koblenz.

Just in time for the start of the company’s 120th anniversary, a second building was moved into in
Ulm in February 2023 to accommodate the rapidly growing workforce responsible for the various
product groups. This is because Elbit Systems Deutschland no longer only has access to its own and
jointly developed communication devices of various types, but also to field-tested, innovative systems
from the fields of electronic warfare, cyber security, optronics, sensor technology, protection, impact
and personal equipment − in all military domains.

“As Elbit Systems Deutschland, we have the opportunity to draw on both established technical
expertise and operational experience with the products in order to provide the German armed forces
in particular with the best possible material. This mix of state-of-the-art technology, availability and
user experience, which is rather rare in our market, gives me the certainty that the company will
continue to exist successfully and grow continuously in the coming decades,” explained Managing
Director Gregor Zowierucha on the occasion of the anniversary.

Today, the company has established itself as an employer in the Ulm region as well as a direct or
indirect partner of the German Armed Forces in various procurement projects. The broad product
portfolio of the Israeli parent company, coupled with German engineering spirit and a commitment to
the highest quality, form a mixture that combines the best for the benefit of the customer.

Gregor Zowierucha has been making the long-established company in Ulm fit for the future as Managing Director since 2022.