Elbit Systems Deutschland


Defence Innovation Pitch Day

11.04 - 11.05.2021
INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich

Digitization will increase the Bundeswehr’s assertiveness on the battlefield across all dimensions (land, air, sea, cyber and information space as well as outer space). At the same time, it will serve to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective weapons and command and control systems, as well as personnel and materials management systems. An important aspect of digitization is technical innovation, which will have a significant impact on the further or future development of existing and new systems.

Behörden Spiegel organizes the Defence Innovation Pitch Day to present relevant future technologies of young and innovative companies to troop innovators from the ranks of the Bundeswehr and the security and defense industry and to discuss them in an intensive exchange format.

The Innovation Pitch Day has all this on offer. We look forward to meeting you!